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For Every Book Pre-Ordered, We Will Donate A Copy To A PFLAG Chapter!!!

We think it is very important to get This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids in the hands of people who need it most: parents of LGBTQ kids. So, we have an important announcement: 

Through September 8th, every single pre-order for This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids will be matched by our publisher, Chronicle Books, with a donated book to a local PFLAG Chapter!!!!

All you need to do to help us is:

1. Pre-order your copy before September 9
2. Go to this link to make sure your pre-order is matched!!

Let’s help get this book into the hands where it’s most needed.

This is pretty amazing.
Please share far & wide!!


Dannielle & Kristin

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I propose on August 26 we take to Twitter with the hashtag: #IWillNotSmile to raise awareness about the street harassment women face on a daily basis. Standing against men who are:

Demanding we act pretty for the male gaze.

Demanding we smile and submit to their requests.

Demanding that…

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Kristen Stewart photographed by Fabrizio Maltese at Cannes Film Festival

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tegan and sara + being absolute idiots

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Lea DeLaria on meeting Jason Biggs for the first time (x)

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I think women get tired of the standards that hollywood continues to impose. On our beauty, on how we should look, on how we should behave, on what is sexually desirable, on what it is that men want. Finally, this is a series about us, and people dig it. - Kate Mulgrew

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