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Scott: You know this girl?
Roxy: Oh boy, does she know me.
Scott: What is she talking about?
Ramona: It was just a phase.
Scott: You had a sexy phase? 

I’m so glad I finally got to take some photos with the super gorgeous Rachel in her Roxie cosplay! I’ve been a huge fan since I first saw her in it last year <3 And of course, what other kind of photos can you take between Ramona and Roxie than these… hehe 8)

Huge thanks to Emi for taking our photos, too!

Roxie Ritcher | Ramona Flowers | Photographer | Full Set on Flickr

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'Making It Up' by Allison Weiss from the album [Say What You Mean]

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When you come out as trans, people sometimes take a while to adjust to your new pronouns, or don’t quite understand.

So we launched a new campaign to help! An article that introduces the topic, a video with a rundown from trans young people, and a web app where you can learn and practice pronouns!

Here’s our easy way to help your friends and family get your pronouns right and understand why it’s important.

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Source: “LGBT Young Adult Books 2003–13: A Decade of Slow But Steady Change” by Malinda Lo

Click through to read the whole thing if you’re interested in the representation of LGBTQ people in YA books, because it’s complicated!

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Tampa dykes ready for action after Dee Deberry’s home is firebombed.

Tampa dykes ready for action after Dee Deberry’s home is firebombed.

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